Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Moxie Fab World Challenge

So the latest challenge is paper piecing!  This is another something I've been playing with....I've been Moxie Fab and didn't even know it!  Woo hoo!  LOL!

I made this card for Andy's birthday.  I wanted the rings with the kid's pictures to look like bottle caps, and the effect I had in mind was a sort of garden and they are the flowers.  My husband interpreted it as they were balloons...that works, too!  :)

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Go to Sketch Challenge

I liked the sketch posted at Papercrafts Connection because I thought I could make the frame with wire. I love the end result...hope you like it, too!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Lace and Doily Challenge

I've enjoyed reading Moxie Fab World for a while now and have admired all the amazing work that readers share on the blog, but haven't entered a challenge until now. Two wonderful books by Josie Cirincione, as well as a DVD by Tim Holtz, have inspired me to play around with a few new (to me)techniques. And the things I've come up with fit the criteria for the Doily and Lace Challenge, so I figured, what the heck...might as well jump in. :) I entered one card using my personal blog, but then decided that it would be better to keep my crafting and personal blogs separate. So welcome to Morena's corner!

My first card shows my experiment with mixed media collage. I had fun molding and twisting the wire to make the winged heart.

This card was done with vintage paper, stamps, and old lace:

This was a simple valentine using a doily and vintage image:

Thank you for looking! To check out more inspiring creations using doilies and lace, look here.
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