Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to make Plastic Look Like Pewter

I love transforming inexpensive items into something unexpected.  Read on to learn how to make 
dollar store plastic look like pewter!

I actually finished this project many months ago, but when I started taking pictures I realized that I had missed a step.  In my haste to get things done during nap time, I overlooked an important step.

This is the object I was attempting to knock off:


See what I missed?  The flowers and branches.  Sigh.  So I tried to decide how to fix it.  But deadlines pulled me away, as did birthdays, holidays, and other obligations.  By now I've realized it's not going to get fixed, which is OK.  This little tray is useful and pretty in my craft room, holding buttons and little bits that I don't want to misplace.  So I'm sharing it with you now.

I started with two items from the Dollar Tree:  the bird (I removed it's wire legs) and the plastic dish.  I also used E-6000, white spray paint, Krylon Silver Metallic Paint, and Deco Art crafters acrylic paint in black. 

First, glue the bird to the dish.
 Spray paint it white first, then silver.

 Use a sponge brush or a dry bristle brush to cover one section at a time with black acrylic paint.
 Gently rub off the excess paint with a dry washcloth.  Work in small sections.  If you make a mistake, just add more paint and then rub it off again.  Repeat this process to cover the entire project.
No more cheap plastic!
Fast, frugal, fabulous!
To see a similar project, check out my bird on a pedestal tutorial!

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  1. this is so cool - i love it! it looks great. i have a feeling lots of my plastic items are going to get makeovers soon... :)

  2. whoa! way cool! gonna try it for the ring holder im putting by my doorway :)


  3. Awesome! I love thrifty hacks :-) And yours turned out so pretty too!

  4. Wow, beautifully done! I'm bookmarking this and keeping it in mind. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Woah, nice job! It looks sooo much better with your pewter paint treatment on it!

  6. if you make sure you mix the paint before you use it, it should cover it fine.
    Pa Rolls Scrap From USA


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