Italian born and bred, Morena is the kind of girl who would rather have paint on her fingers than get a manicure. The daughter of two DIYers, she and her husband strive to pass the tradition and value of handmade to their four children. Morena's passion is using thrifted and inexpensive finds to craft designer inspired creations, and she excels in creating colorful, bold pieces. She is on several design teams, including Crafts Unleashed, Dollar Store Crafts, Goodwill SA, and Darby Smart.

Why would such a creative person have such a lame blog name?
Well, I didn't know I would end up here.  I've always enjoyed crafting and following blogs.  In order to participate in contests, I needed a blog to post pictures on.  I hastily set up this blog, and I wanted to call it something clever, like "Runs with Scissors", but that was taken.  So were the other dozen "clever" names I came up with.  Defeated, I named my blog because my little craft desk was in the corner of the office.  (Later it moved to a corner of my closet.  Now I'm in a corner of the laundry room.)  I took my little time outs in the corner to craft, hence the name of blog.  And I'm too busy crafting to change the name now.  :)



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