You won’t believe how easy it is to use twill ribbon to update an old pair of shoes!  Piece the design together to make a cool chevron pattern.

Take your worn out shoes from this to that!

When I bought this twill ribbon I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, I just knew that I NEEDED it.  So far I’ve used it to make headbands and belts, so why not update some old shoes?


All you need are shoes, twill ribbon, Peel N Stick Adhesive (this stuff is AWESOME!), and felt.

I cut my adhesive into strips and adhered it to the shoe.  Then I smoothed on strips of the twill ribbon in alternating directions, to create a chevron pattern.

For the edges, I trimmed the ribbon as close as possible and then used the back end of my tweezers to press the edge of the ribbon into the fold of the shoe.  I sealed it with fabric glue.

chevron4 chevron5

Once my chevron shoe was covered, I traced the shape so I could cut a piece of felt out to glue on the inside of the shoe.  I did this to seal the ends of the ribbon and make it look more neat.  I glued the felt into the shoe.

Fabulous new shoes for almost nothing!
chevron-feet chevron-shoe1


  1. Oh Wow! I can’t believe how amazing this is! I discovered you on Happy Hour Projects and I’m now following. I would love if you could follow back! Tx


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