I was having so much fun creating with ribbon and buckle up bracelets that I made a couple of things.  Here are two more variations you can try!

This belt is made the same way I made my twill belt, only with a wider ribbon.  You can find the full tutorial here.

Next up, my five minute headband with a bracelet instead of a bow.

As I did with the belt, I cut the bracelet, then glued it onto the ribbon with E6000.

 You can find the full tutorial here.  The only variation is that I had to fold the edges of the ribbon in, as pictured. because the ribbon was wider than the fold over elastic.

There you have it:  two more accessories that are fast to make, frugal, yet still look fabulous!  Happy crafting!


  1. Sorry for the confusion! These items were made by repurposing the buckle up bracelets. I cut the bracelet so it can no longer be used as a bracelet, and is now used as an accent on the accessory. Thanks for visiting!


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