Happy Sunday! I don’t usually post on the weekend, but there is so much news to share this week that I figured I would start a day early.

First up, I am honored to be the guest judge at The CSI Project this week! I hope you’ll stop by to learn more about the challenge. It’s a fun one! You can learn even more by listening to the podcast here.

Secondly, I recently participated in a fun craft gift exchange at Happy Hour Projects. I was paired up with DJ’s Sugar Shack, and it was such a treat to be matched with such a creative blogger. She has lots of incredible treats on her blog, and her passion for baking and blogging inspired the gifts I made for her. The exchange has happened and now it’s time to show and tell about our gifts.

Since Dawn bakes, I couldn’t resist making little blue whisk earrings and a whisk pendant. (tutorial here)

Next up, some spool label holders. I hope she can use these to hold labels for baked goodies in a display or on her blog. Otherwise, they make cute photo holders! (tutorial coming soon)

My next gift was a chalkboard easel. I thought she could use this to label her goods in a display or use the clip to hold recipes. She likes poppies and the color blue, so I tried to incorporate those elements in my design. (tutorial here)

The last photo shows a magnet board I made that she can hang up or put on an easel to use as a recipe holder. (tutorial TBA)

Finally, I gave her some hair clips and a ring embellished with cabochon flowers (not pictured).

I hope she liked her gifts! Thanks to Dawn for partnering with me and to Adrianne for hosting the exchange. I look forward to the next one!

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