No fabric stiffener?  No problem!  Here’s a different way to make a crown using vintage lace!

I’m stash-busting, meaning that I am on a mission to use up what I have!  I love the tiny lace crowns I’ve seen in the blogosphere, and while I have a nice stash of old lace, I didn’t have any fabric stiffener.  Mod Podge to the rescue!


I started with a crochet lace collar because I thought the width and shape would look good for a crown.

1.  Place the lace on freezer paper.
2.  Apply a generous application of Mod Podge (I used the Glitter formula).
3.  Flip the collar over and apply MP to the reverse side.
4. Let dry.
5.  Peel collar from freezer paper and peel or cut off excess Mod Podge.
6.  Cut collar into two pieces and shape into a crown.  You can see that I’m very high tech and used a fancy gel container to shape my mini crown.

The lace will be tacky at first so you can just press the ends together and they will adhere.  It will be less sticky as it dries.  It will remain malleable, so you can reshape the crown as needed.
I’ve used one crown to decorate my owl light, and the other on my Skull Queen.
Who would wear your crown?



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