Before we lived in a home with a fireplace, my kids used to worry about how Santa would get in the house.  Well, we’d leave a magic key for him, of course!

Not too long ago, I received a box of awesome from Plaid.  I used the products to make a light up lawn sign for Christmas for their holiday campaign.  My box of awesome included several large acrylic shapes.  I thought the key shape would make a perfect magic key for Santa!

Mod Podge Acrylic Key Shape
Embossing Powder and heat tool
Dimensional Magic Glitter Silver
Rub on Transfer Holiday words

To make your own key for Santa:

Step 1:  Stamp the entire shape.

Step 2:  Pour embossing powder on the shape.  Shake off excess.

Step 3:  Use a heat tool to emboss.  Be careful not to melt the acrylic shape.    Let it cool.

Step 4:  Cover the embossed surface with Dimensional Magic silver glitter.

Step 5:  When it has dried, flip the key over and rub the holiday words onto the front.  Seal with clear Dimensional Magic.

Your magic key for Santa is now complete!  Hang it on your door on Christmas Eve, and your little ones can rest assured that Santa WILL make his way in, chimney or not!
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  1. This is such a cute idea! Now Santa can come in the door when there’s a fire in the fireplace or if there’s no fireplace at all! You know kids worry about these things.


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