Learn how to make eye-catching and unique embossed acrylic Christmas tags. These textured tags are great for gift giving and can be used as ornaments, too.

Christmas tags diy
Stamp and emboss a Mod Podge acrylic shape to make a one of a kind gift tag.
I recently used Mod Podge’s acrylic shapes to make a key for Santa.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that Plaid’s acrylic shapes do not warp, bend, or melt when you use a heat tool on them! While I was experimenting with stamping and embossing on acrylic I made this gift tag, too. This unique tag would add the perfect finishing touch to any gift, and it can be reused as an ornament, too. Here’s how I made it.

Supplies Used to Make Embossed Acrylic Tags:
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Mod Podge Acrylic Tag
Embossing Powder and heat tool

To make your own embossed acrylic Christmas tags:

Step 1:  Stamp the desired image onto the tag.

Step 2:  Pour embossing powder on the tag.  Shake off excess.

Step 3:  Use a heat tool to emboss.  Be careful not to melt the acrylic shape.    Let it cool.

Step 4:  Flip the tag over and paint the back.
Step 5:  When it has dried, flip the key over and rub the holiday words onto the front.  Seal with glitter Dimensional Magic.
You could use this technique with different stamps to create tags for any holiday or event! Have fun crafting and creating!
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Embossed acrylic Christmas tags



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