Ready for part two of crafting with cabochons?

On Monday I showed you how easy and pretty inexpensive it is to craft with cabochons.  If you missed it, you can find it here.


This pendant is a little different, so I’m sharing it separately.  It’s still pretty basic, so even if you’re a beginning crafter it won’t be too challenging.

Pendant Blank
Acrylic Flowers (from Plaid Barn)


To make your own flower garden pendant:

Step one:  Place your pendant blank on a flat surface.  Choose your flowers and arrange them until they fill the blank in a way you like.

Step two:  Remove the flowers one at a time so you can keep the arrangement.  Cover the blank with E-6000 and then add the flowers back to the blank one at a time.  The E-6000 takes a few minutes to set so you will want to keep an eye on your project.  I had to keep propping one of the flowers back up because it was sliding out of place.

Step three:  Glue small rhinestones into the center of each flower.

You’re done!  Now just add a jump ring and a chain, and you have a beautiful new accessory.

I liked the flowers with the rhinestones so much that I made a few hair pins, as well.


Check here to see how to decorate wood tags to hold your newly made cabochon gifts!



  1. Very pretty! I have the blank bobby pins and a few flowers but haven’t ever done anything with them – thanks for your DIY 🙂


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