I stumbled upon an insanely easy way to “tint” glass, that takes minutes to do  and dries in seconds!

I tend to craft in spurts, so while I had all my glass painting products out, I made several crafts, most of which were Christmas gifts.  Last week I showed you how to paint a paper weight with a stencil.  Today, I’ll be using stencils again, combined with another technique, to make a tinted, monogrammed mug.  BEST OF ALL, since the paint is on the outside,  this mug can be used AND it’s washable once the paint has set!
Supplies needed:
Glass mug (mine came from Dollar Tree)
Glass Paints and Stencils (I used Martha Stewart’s line for this project)
Foam pouncer and foam roller tools
To make your own tinted glass mug with monogram:
Step one:  Apply the center monogram stencil and use the pouncer to apply the paint.

Step two:  Apply the rest of the monogram stencils and paint.


Step three:  Use the foam roller to apply the paint to the rest of the mug.  This light application will make the glass appear to be tinted.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set the paint permanently.  I opted to let mine air dry for several weeks.

Looking for more glass paint ideas?  Click here for more tips and tutorials!



  1. Thank you for sharing. I was wondering how dark or light her glass paint was or is. As I am going to do a block all blue with the glass paint, then stencil a sea horse and coral or sea grass. Thank also for showing how to do.


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