I used Martha Stewart glass paint and stencils to transform a plain Dollar Tree paperweight.  This project takes minutes to do, but looks professional!

Now that Christmas has passed, I can finally share the projects that I made as gifts.  This paperweight was my first glass painting project.  I love that I could use both sides to give the image depth.  On one side, the butterfly appears to be in the foreground, and on the other side it’s the flower that is closer to the viewer.
My kids are still on Christmas break, so I’m going to keep this tutorial brief and let the pictures do the talking.
For additional info about glass paint and stencils, see this post where I made a color board.  For a more detailed explanation of how to use the stencils, read this post where I made an Anthropologie inspired mug.

To make your own painted glass paperweight:

Step 1:  Adhere the flower stencil to one side of the paperweight and apply paint.

Step 2:  Wait a few minutes for it to dry, then flip the paperweight over.  Position the butterfly stencil so it appears to be landing on the flower, and apply paint.

Step 3:  Follow manufacturer’s instructions to set the paint permanently.  I opted to let mine air dry.

Try it for yourself!  No one will ever guess how easy it was for you to make!



  1. I wondered about those paints when I passed them at Michael’s they looks super cool!

  2. I’ve used those Martha Stewart paints, too. They’re great. If you need source for blank paperweights that can be painted, I’ve purchased some from Photoweights. They’re not as cheap as Dollar Tree, but they have a great selection.


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