When you live on a tight budget, you have to get creative.  Since I couldn’t splurge on new boots this winter, I found a way to quickly update my plain black boots.

 I’ve been raving about “bling on a roll” lately.  It’s a very cool mesh that comes in different widths and colors, and it has faux rhinestones on it.  It’s inexpensive and incredibly easy to craft with!
Supplies Needed:
Bling on a roll
Alene’s Jewelry Glue
Wax or freezer paper

Step one:  Cut the tulle and bling to fit around your boot.  The tulle should be long enough to tie into a bow, and the bling just long enough to cover the front and sides of the boot.

Step two:  Fold the outside edges of the tulle towards the middle.

Step three:  Fold the tulle in half.  This will keep the edges tucked inside.

Step four:  Place the folded tulle on wax paper.  Put the jewelry glue on the bling and press it onto the tulle.  Cover with a stack of books and let dry.  The glue will adhere the layers of tulle to the bling.


Wrap the strip around your boots and tie into a bow.  Instant boot transformation!

But why stop at boots?  I’ve made other lengths and widths to use as belts, wraps, and headbands!  Just because money’s tight doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your wardrobe.  A little bling can go a long  way towards creating a new look!

By the way:  I’m DecoArt’s featured artist this month!!  EEEEK!!  I’m very, very flattered.  I’d love for you to take a peek at my interview over there (and leave a comment if you like!)boots-with-bling



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