Since we are a very international family, and since my husband and I have travelled extensively, I was eager to check out a program that teaches respect and appreciation for other countries and cultures.  Little Passports’ introductory package did not disappoint!

My eight year old was thrilled to receive a package in the mail. He tore into the box and found this adorable suitcase full of goodies! A welcome note, a passport, a huge map, stickers, and several fun activities were there for him to explore.

He was immediately interested and got right to work. The instructions were easy for him to follow, and he had fun completing the activities independently.

This series is an awesome way to introduce your child to geography and world cultures in a fun way. It’s definitely teacher AND mom approved in this house!

To learn more about Little Passports, visit their website here.

Disclosure: I received the introductory box at no cost. This is NOT a paid post, and all opinions are my own.


  1. That’s a wonderful program, Morena! When my son was in middle school, many years ago, he participated in People to People,as a student ambassador. He traveled to Australia and stayed with a family there for a week. It was an educational experience of a lifetime!

  2. What a wonderful way to teach children about other places in the world! That package looks like a lot of fun.
    Debbie 🙂

  3. I tried it for the states and they only sent them sporadically.
    They would charge me but I didn’t receive a few of the packages. They were nice enough and reimbursed me, but it was a pain. I’m hopeful you have a better experience. I may try again in the Fall with countries.
    Please let me know how it goes for the countries because I really loved the idea.

    Maybe that would be more successful.


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