Even when I buy a gift, I try to add a personal touch to it.  This pretty, sparkly box is perfect for holding a Mother’s Day gift!

(This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where I share a NEW tutorial every Tuesday!)

My favorite thing about crafting with dollar items is that you can start with something basic and turn it into something with a lot more “wow” factor.  I found some plain craft wood boxes (complete with a magnetic closure!) at my Dollar Tree and purchased several.

I’ve been having fun crafting with “Bling on a Roll”.  It’s a mesh that is covered in glittering fake “diamonds”.  I like rhinestones but I just don’t have the patience to glue each and every one to a project, so I don’t use them.  I fell in love with this product because I can just cut the mesh to fit the area I want and glue it on quickly.   I used two colors of bling on a roll to turn my plain box into a glittering jewelry or gift box.

Supplies Needed:

How to make your blinged out box:

Step one:  Paint the box and 4 spindles.

Step two:  Cut your bling on a roll so that it fits the cover of the box.  Paint Mod Podge onto the cover of the box and press the bling onto it.

Step three:  Paint Mod Podge on the edges of the lid.  I used a single strand of bling on a roll so I had to wrap it around four times.

Step four:  Glue the spindles onto the the base of the box to make legs.

Your jewelry box is complete and ready to be filled!  It would hold a gift card perfectly.  My three year old daughter let out an audible gasp when I told her that I’d made a jewelry box for her.  She immediately filled it with wood craft stars.  Later she emptied it so she could fill it with rolly pollies she had collected from the yard.  At least those bugs get to hang out in a posh looking box!

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