This project is for an old friend of mine.  A friend who grew up to become a decorated soldier. His career in the military caused him to miss out on the birth of his son. This is my gift to his family.

Print out
DecoArt’s Ink Effects in red and blue
Basecoat spray

Step one: Make your design on your computer (I used PicMonkey). Reverse the image if you are using text. Print out your design.

Step two: Paint the image with Ink Effects. It’s just like painting a picture in a coloring book. Let it dry.

Step three: if you are using a cotton shirt, you have to use basecoat spray so the image will transfer. Let it dry.

Step four: Place your design face down on the shirt. Cover it with a light cloth and iron it on.

T-shirt “printing” would be a great way to keep kids busy this summer, too!



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