I love to put together thrifted items and turn them into something completely different.  Here are some ideas and tips for crafting with items from Goodwill.
I’m a budget crafter.  I love to use inexpensive or thrifted items to craft with.  It’s amazing what you can do with a little glue and spray paint.

Take this, for example:  an outdated, bamboo magazine rack that I found at Goodwill.  I liked the shape and design, so I bought it.

First, I wiped the dust off.  Then, I primed it.

Hit it with silver spray paint:

Now I have a sleek, modern magazine rack!

I’m often asked what adhesives I use, how I prime my projects, and what paints I like.  I answer those questions in this short video:

Looking for more Goodwill crafting tutorials?  Click here.



  1. Hi Morena, I like the silver / chrome look. I’ve got a dish that I’m trying to upcycle like you did your bird and bowl. We’re renov. our bath so all my time / money is going into that right now. When I do have time to craft again, this is the first project I’m going to finish and post about. I’ve always loved your little bird dish!


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