It’s time for another month of CAKE:  crafty acts of kindness everywhere!  Please join me as I team up with Hopeful Threads to donate pencil pouches to deserving children.

I was delighted when Kristy at Hopeful Threads invited me to join her in her monthly service project.  She will be sewing pencil pouches to donate to children living on the Dakota Reservations.  To learn more about the project, visit Hopeful Threads here.

I don’t sew much, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t join in the crafting fun!  My project involves paint instead of thread.  Here’s how I did it:


Pencil pouch (Dollar Tree)
Stencils (Americana)
Craft paint (Glamour Dust)

Step one:  Place the desired stencil on the pencil pouch.

Step two:  Use a brush to dab the paint onto the pouch.  Dabbing instead of brushing will help keep you from pushing the paint under the stencil.

Step three:  allow the paint to dry.  Stencil the front if desired.

With so many paint and stencil choices, there’s no limit to what you could design!  I hope you’ll join this fun cause.  If you’re interested in helping your own community, find a school supply drive in your town. Your efforts will be appreciated!


  1. Very nice idea! These pencil pouches are usually pretty cheap, so for folks like me that do not sew much, you could purchase a few and decorate.


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