It’s time for another month of CAKE:  Craft Acts of Kindness Everywhere!   This month we’ll be making “Just Because” Bags to surprise people with…just because.  Who doesn’t like a little surprise to brighten their day?


Every month I like to suggest a simple crafty act of kindness that we can participate in.   It’s always fun to me to use my crafting to brighten someone’s day.  This project is simple enough that you can make several bags in one sitting.  Fill them with wrapped snacks, dollar bin items, a handwritten note, etc., and leave it “just because”.  This would be a nice treat for a co-worker, teacher, neighbor, or anyone else you want to share a smile with.

Paper bags
Washi tape or strips of paper
Hole punch

Step one:  Cover the center of the bag with washi tape.  If you don’t have washi tape, use markers or glue strips of paper on.  Trim the excess.


Step two:  Place a treat in the bag.  Some ideas are snacks, candy, gift card, stationary, etc.


Step three:  Fold the top over, and fold a doily on top.  Punch two holes though the top and tie closed with a ribbon.


Optional:  Add a tag or note to the bag.


Who will you surprise with a “just because” bag?  I just had a new neighbor move in, so I think I will leave a little welcome gift at their door.  Leave a comment to let me know who you treated and what their reaction was!


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