I try to keep my blog as a “happy place” where I steer clear of news, politics, and hot topics.  This story hits close to home, however, so I am sharing with you and asking for help.

My husband’s mother is from the Philippines, which has been devastated by a ferocious typhoon.  Several family members live in one of the hardest hit areas.  My sister-in-law, who lives in the US, has not heard from her immediate family since the typhoon hit.  We have no idea if they survived or how they are surviving.  I’m sure you can imagine how terrifying this is, not knowing what has happened and not being able to help search for them.

We are staying positive, and making plans to help locals rebuild.  My sister in law has set up a fund for donations.  Initial plans are to use the funds to send satellite phones to the island, to give residents the ability to communicate with others.  After that, plans are to buy boats so residents can leave the island to obtain necessary supplies.  If reports on the news are correct, people in that area have lost absolutely everything, so every little bit of assistance will help get them back on their feet.

If you would like to contribute, please visit the Homonhon-Guiuan Storm Disaster Relief Fund here.

To learn more about the project and to read updates on my sister-in-laws search for her family, visit this Facebook page.

Thank you in advance for your positive thoughts and your assistance.

Update 11/17/2013:
Thanks to the kindness of strangers on Facebook, we have confirmation that an aunt and uncle survived the typhoon, though it appears from the photo that they lost their home.  We are waiting hopefully to hear about other relatives.

Update 11/18/2013:
Wonderful news:  Everyone we were waiting to hear about is alive!  Thank goodness.  Now to help the island rebuild.  Here is a request list that was sent by an aide worker on the island.  Please consider donating to the link above so we can purchase and send these items to the island:

“I just got back from the island. My big thanks to the International Medical Corps to Sir Jacob Schafer and his team. After talking to everyone specially to our zone whose houses had been affected, others were totally gone, specially those close to the beach this is what they need most:
2.)Tarps/Luna/Tents for temporary shelter…easy to transport coz galvanized iron for roof is too heavy.
4.)Seedlings that could easily planted and harvested (while there is relief food, we must start planting already)
5.) 1st aid kits, basic over-the-counter medicines, especially for the elderly & the children (fever, pain, cough)
6.) Personal hygiene supplies (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo…especially for kids!)

You can buy for your immediate families and donate some to others. We will accept any of those mentioned above and we’re trying to coordinate with the team of the International Medical Corps to help us transport those directly to the island. As of now still having transportation difficulty because all the boats were destroyed.”


  1. I do hope your husband’s family is safe. My son has childhood friends with relatives living in the Philippines and like you, no word on their fate. We all need to pitch in and help in any way we can. Thanks so much for highlighting this in your blog.

  2. Praying everyone is safe and you’ll hear word soon. My friend’s mom is a missionary there in an area that was hit by the worst of the storm and they didn’t have access to any communication for a while there but through us raising some money at our Church, they were able to get a lot of food packs that should be arriving in the village today if they haven’t already.


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