Would you believe that I don’t have a keychain?  I mean, my keys are on a ring but I don’t have anything cute or decorative holding my keys.  Well, I just changed all that!  I found this adorable keychain at Anthropologie, and decided to make my own.

(This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, where I am a member of the design team!)




Step one:  Cut or punch a one inch circle from paper.  Stamp, draw or stick a monogram on it.

Step two:  Apply Dimensional Magic (DM) to the center of the monogram, and press the charm on top.  Let it dry.
Step three:  Flip the charm over and apply DM to the back.
Step four:  When it is dry, cut a strip of foil tape to fit around the charm.  Press the edges of the foil firmly down.  This gives you the look of soldering without all the work!

Step five:  Take enough links of chain to fit the length of the keychain.  Open the links to attach the chain to the keychain.

Step six:  Use jump rings to attach the charms to the chain.

Finally, attach the monogrammed pendant to the jump ring at the base of the keychain.


Now you have a pretty, custom, monogrammed keychain that you can make in any color or style you like!  These would make great gifts, too.  Have fun creating!


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