OK, I know, Halloween *just* happened and you do NOT want to think Christmas yet.  I’m with you.
But I’m taking family pictures this weekend.  If I choose my holiday card layout now I can make sure the outfits we wear won’t clash with the colors in the card.
Yes, I’m funny like that.  So could you just humor me and look at my five top picks from Minted?
Retro Whimsical Poster Christmas Photo Card
As you can tell from my blog and my projects, I love retro designs and bold colors.  I like to choose a card that reflects this preference.  I’m shopping at Minted, a cool online site that offers a ton of stationary and other personalized products.  I typed “retro” in the search box, clicked on “Christmas photo cards” and began my search.  These are my top five favorites.I love the font and fun graphics in the whimsical poster card above.

This card is a fave because it has the color I adore and a cute font.

Santagram Christmas Photo CardI love the color scheme and the dated post stamp!
Por Avion Christmas Photo CardThis is one of my favorite color schemes, and even though it’s not totally retro, I do love the old syle international postage theme.

This card just screams “A Christmas Story”, which is my favorite holiday movie.

Here’s a bonus card I couldn’t resist:

I’ve never sent New Years cards before, but I might this year!  Again, there’s my favorite color combo, along with adorable graphics.  Love!
Which of these cards is your favorite?  Care to chime in and help me decide?  If so, leave a comment.  I’ll be sure to post a pic of my finished card later in the month!
Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, but all ideas and opinions are my own.




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