While my husband may think I spend too much time online, there are benefits to being active on social media.  One of them is receiving perks from Klout.  I was thrilled to receive a perk from Darby Smart, and I love the project I received.  This studded clutch is easy to make and is perfect for all levels of crafters.

Darby Smart is a company that had the brilliant idea to package all the necessary materials for a craft project in one box, so you don’t have to run around to different stores looking for supplies.  I have been admiring one of their projects (the tote bag with the awesome cassette stencil) for a while, and I was over the moon to learn that they would be sending me one of their kits.
The package arrived very quickly, and everything was neatly packed.  The instructions are available online, along with a customer gallery so you can be inspired by what others did with the same kit.  I varied mine slightly by adding paint to the kit, but this clutch would still look fabulous without the paint.
First I used on of my DecoArt Stencils and gold paint to make the pattern on the clutch.
Once it had dried, I used the fabric glue to adhere the studs to the clutch.
That’s it!  I still have a little on in diapers, so I don’t really need a small bag, but this is perfect for my iPad.  I’ve also used it to carry notebooks and pencils so I can brainstorm and sketch when I’m out and about.  If you want to see what others have done with their clutch, visit Darby Smart here.



  1. I love this clutch, it came out so good! I’m getting my very first Darby Smart box very soon and I can’t wait! I’m not a crafty person, so it might be a little interesting! Have a great day!


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