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There are six people in my family.  As you can imagine, we go through a lot of stuff quickly, especially toilet paper.  Who changes all those rolls?  Yours truly!  But I’m catching a break thanks to Cottonelle’s triple roll toilet paper and my new handmade bathroom sign.  Less time spent changing rolls means more time to enjoy my family.

We have a big house to go with our large brood, and we enjoy hosting our family get togethers.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all celebrated in our home, where we welcome 15-20 guests at each gathering.  We relish the opportunity to play host, since we lived away from family for over ten years.  Life in the military kept us far from home and loved ones, so now we’re making up for lost time.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of prep that goes into hosting a big get together.  I start planning the menu and decor weeks in advance.  Part of the planning includes making sure I have PLENTY of paper goods on hand, like toilet paper.  My daughter and nephew are both (finally) using the potty this year, and little ones that age tend to go a little overboard with the toilet paper.  The last thing I want to do is spend most of my time in the bathroom changing toilet paper rolls!  I want to hang out with family and chat.  Here’s my solution to the never ending toilet paper changing drama:

Cottonelle’s triple rolls are like having three regular rolls in one.  That means less work for moi.  And when the roll is done, this friendly little reminder is there for the kids to change the roll (because, of course, no adult ever just leaves the new roll on top of the empty one, right?)

    To make this fun little toilet paper changer sign, simply:

    • Right click and save my free printable.
    • Use Mod Podge to adhere the sign to sturdy cardstock.
    • Cut the the print to size.
    • Use sticky tack or double sided tape to mount the sign behind the toilet paper roll.

    Now that you have your cute sign, head to Target to buy Cottonelle’s Triple Roll.  There’s a great deal exclusively at Target, where you can get a free box of Kleenex with your Cottonelle Triple Roll purchase, while supplies last.  You can get your coupon HERE.

    As you can see, our Thanksgiving feast was a success, and I enjoyed lots of time lingering over good food and fun conversation, rather than toiling in the latrine.  We’ll be doing this again at Christmas, and one more time at New Years.  I’m ready, as is Cottonelle T.P. change puppy!


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