Learn how to make your own photo puzzle.  Makes a great gift for kids!

If you’re looking for a non-candy Valentine’s gift, here’s one for you:  make a personalized photo puzzle!  My little ones really enjoy seeing themselves on a puzzle, and they have fun piecing the photo back together.  This is a quick, inexpensive craft that is fun to give and to receive!



  • Puzzle – $1 for four at Dollar Tree
  • Mod Podge, glue or decoupage medium
  • Photo

Step one:  Cut your photo to fit the puzzle.  Flip the photo over and trace one puzzle piece at a time.


Step two:  Cut the photo into pieces following the lines you traced.


Step three:  Use Mod Podge to attach the picture to the corresponding puzzle piece.  I brushed a light layer onto the puzzle piece and then firmly pressed the photo on.  I didn’t put Mod Podge on top of the pictures.


Place the pieces pieces back into the tray they came in, and you’re done!  As a fun alternative, you could put magnets on the back of each piece and stick them to your fridge.  Another idea is to use a greeting card image, put the pieces in an envelope, and make a fun puzzle birthday card or invitation.  Have fun crafting and creating!



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