Spring is finally here (in Texas, at least…I know lots of you are still waiting), and I’m ready to wear accessories in fresh, bright colors.  I was drawn to the “Glam” line of Styled by Tori Spelling jewelry products, and knew I wanted to make something special with the beautiful coral flower pendant.
(This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, where I am thrilled to be part of the design team.)


The flower reminded me of this gorgeous piece at Anthropologie, so I made my own knock off version.  Keep reading to learn how you can make your own version of a $50 necklace for a whole lot less!26708545_012_b Floral-Anthro-Style-Necklace

Supplies Needed:


Step one:  Join the pendants in a row, as pictured, using jump rings or connectors.


Step two:  Connect the necklace top to the pendants.  I opened the last ring to attach them, but you could also use the connecters.


Your new necklace is complete!  Wasn’t that easy?  You could add more pendants if you wanted to, or choose a different style from the Styled by Tori Spelling collection.  Have fun crafting!



  1. Morena, what do you mean summertime is here? I’m still looking for spring! It snowed here again today in Maryland and it’s not suppose to be doing that! Love your coral necklace! It’s very trendy and simple to make.

    • OOPSIE!!! This post was published last summer at Crafts Unleashed, and I was supposed to edit it before it posted on my blog. LOL…this one snuck by me as I forgot that I’d scheduled it to post. Off to edit now. 🙂


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