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Friday night is movie night in our house.  The kids and I look forward to this weekly ritual, which involves pizza and a movie.  Oftentimes, we make our own pizza, so each child can have their own personal pizza.  I set up a pizza bar and let the kids create.

I decorated plastic bowls to help divide up the ingredients.  Keep reading to learn how to simply embellish plain bowls for your own food bar.


  • Plastic Bowls
  • Stencil
  • Glass Paint
  • Spouncer or foam brush

Step one:  Place the desired stencil on the bowl.

Step two:  Dab the paint onto the stencil.  Gently remove the stencil.

Here’s a nifty trick I figured out when I did a glass painting demo at a site that had no sink:  use a Wet-Nap to clean off your stencil!  Simply wipe it clean, then reuse the stencil.

Step three:  repeat as desired until you have the design you want on the painted bowl.

With glass and ceramic, you can set the paint in the oven.  Since this bowl is plastic, it will need to air cure for 21 days to become dishwasher safe.  Until then, carefully hand wash the bowls.
For my family’s pizza night, I prepare the dough ahead of time.  It’s a simple recipe:  two cups of flour, a package of yeast, salt, and 3/4 cups of water.  This makes enough for four personal pizzas.  Set out an ingredient bar with toppings your kids like.  My kids keep it simple:  olive oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and mini pepperoni.

I give each child a ball of dough and a floured mat, and they knead it and press it into a circle.  This is the messiest part of the process.  To keep my kids from covering the sink faucet with flour and sticky dough, I keep Wet-Naps on the counter.  Once they’re done rolling their dough, they can clean their hands without leaving the counter.  I transfer the dough to a pan, and let the kids get started with the toppings in the stenciled bowls.

I think kids love food bars because they can control what they eat.  Some of my kids like lots of tomato sauce, some want no sauce.  Some like pepperoni, others don’t.  When they make their own pizza they can make it any way they want.  Again, to make clean up a snap, I keep a Wet-Nap canister handy.

After 12 minutes in a 350 degree oven, the mini pizzas are ready!  I think you can see how pleased my two year old is with his creation.  “Me do it myself!” he proudly exclaimed.

Sometimes, cooking with kids can get messy.  With a little organization, in the form of labeled or decorated bowls, and hand wipes, like Wet-Nap, cooking with children can be fun and easy for everyone!  If you’d like to give this project a try, you can find the bowls and Wet-Nap products at Walmart.  The great low price is even lower with this coupon for $0.55 off any Wet-Nap product (while supplies last).  Have fun crafting and creating, and don’t be afraid to get messy when it’s so easy to clean up!



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