I was hunting checking my local Dollar Tree for more of these  cute birds I like to use in my projects when I found these rooster figures.
The rooster was awesome, the crazy wire legs were not so cool.  No problem!  I could still use the part I liked to make a fun, functional gift for father’s day (or a teacher gift!)  I paired the rooster with a small wood box to make this French provincial inspired business card holder.  I think this would look great on a desk!

 (This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where you can find my new tutorial every Tuesday!)


  • Rooster
  • Box
  • Crackle paint
  • Glue

Step one:  Paint the box with crackle paint, or make your own crackle paint.

Step two:  Remove the wire legs from the rooster figure.  I used pliers to pull them out carefully.
Step three:  Use hot glue to attach the rooster to the box.

This quick and easy project makes for a fun gift.  You could easily make several if you’re making multiple gifts for teachers, or even for party favors.  If you don’t like roosters, try a different figure on top. There are lots of cute figurines at the dollar store and thrift stores for you to pick from!


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