I love DIY wall art!    Store bought wall art can be pricey, and sometimes you just can’t find the exact item you are looking for.  Making it yourself means the finished product will be the exact color and design you were dreaming of.  I’m delighted with my shabby chic wall “diamonds”.  Would you believe that I made all three in under an hour?

For this home decor project, I got to try out a cool new product from Fairfield World.  It’s called Foamology, and it’s a very lightweight foam with a sticky backing.  This product makes it easy to simply add fabric to the tile, tack it onto the back, and mount the foam tile to your wall without nails or other adhesives!  It’s very simple to use, and fun to work with!  I have a LOT of ideas for how I want to use this product all over my house.  To learn more about Foamology, check out these short videos or see them at JoAnn Fabric.


To make my shabby chic burlap wall art, cut the burlap into 14 inch squares.  Place the rigid foam on top of the burlap, with the backing side up.
Peel off the backing, but save the paper!
Fold over each edge of the burlap, pressing it into the adhesive.
Once all four sides have been adhered, replace the paper backing temporarily.
Now it’s time to decorate the front of the burlap diamonds!  Here are three ideas:
Stencil with chalky finish paint.
Add chicken wire to a painted wood frame.
Mod Podge pretty paper onto a wood plaque.

I used hot glue to add the wood items to the burlap.  I was ready to hang my new wall art!  Simply remove the backing again, and press the foam tiles onto the wall.  Initially, I tried them outside on my patio, but decided they looked best in my bathroom.  Even after sticking them up, removing them, and re-sticking them to a new wall, the adhesive held firmly!  My new wall art made this boring wall so much more interesting.
To learn more about Fairfield World and Foamology, and to find more ways to use their products, check them out on Facebook here and here, as well as on Pinterest.  Also, when you’re ready to make your own wall art, you can save 25% off your order at www.foamology101.com  when you use the promo code 14FOAM25 at checkout!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, but all ideas, projects, and opinions are entirely my own.  I had a blast crafting with this product!



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