Plaid Crafts has wowed me again with their new Mod Molds, and they’ve added lots of goodies to this line.  Today I’m giving you a preview of one of the most exciting new additions to their product line:  collage clay!

This light weight clay can be used lots of different ways.  You dispense it like you would with icing, and when it dries it is extremely light, with a consistency that reminds me of a meringue cookie.  There are many ways to use the collage clay, and in this post I’ll show you how I used it with the Mod Molds.

The clay has to dry at least 24 hours in the mold.  Larger molds took more time to dry.  Once it’s completely dry, pop it out of the mold and add color with paint.  I used Plaid’s new Drizzle Paint on this cherry, and I’ll talk about that product more in a different post.

The photo below shows several embellishments made using the pink and white Collage Clay.  Adorable, right?

Here’s a sampling of embellishments I made using the new Mod Melt products.  Keep checking back to learn how I made them!


  1. Most of them did. I think the rough ones were me being impatient and pulling them out of the mold before they had set completely. The clay is awesome as a base, like icing….I’ll have a tutorial for that up on Monday.


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