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When I was a classroom teacher, one of my essential desk supplies was hand sanitizer. As any parent can attest to, a room full of children can get pretty germy! I always kept a small bottle in my desk for personal use, but I appreciated when parents would donate large bottles for classroom use. Now that I’m a mom of (germy!) kids, I like to donate a bottle of hand sanitizer to my kids’ teachers. As a crafter, of course I want to make the bottle as pretty as possible! So while I was shopping for school supplies at Staples, I picked up a few bottles of hand sanitizer and some colorful packs of Sharpie markers to make this pretty and useful teacher gift.


  • Sharpie Markers
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Stencils
  • Ribbon

Step one:  Remove the labels from the bottles of hand sanitizer.  I used Goo Gone to make the job easier.

Step two:  Use a Sharpie marker to draw and color in an initial.  I used the first letter of the teacher’s last name.  You could use the school’s initials, too.

Step three:  Use a circle stencil and various colors of Sharpie markers to draw and color in dots on the bottle.

Step four:  Use a coordinating ribbon to make a bow on the bottle.  For a perfect match, I used Sharpie markers to make polka dots on plain ribbon.  Assemble the bow as pictured.

This bottle is pretty enough to be displayed on the teacher’s desk, and inviting enough to remind kids to use it often!   Thanks to the great prices and selection at Staples, I was able to save time and money and get everything I needed for this project (along with all our school supplies) in one trip.

Staples has a HUGE assortment of various Sharpie Fine and Ultra Fine assortment packs, as well as Sharpie Neon Marker packs, and they’re all on sale right now through August 24th, while supplies last.  There are so many Sharpie marker colors to choose from that you could easily decorate these bottles to match any school’s colors.  Have fun crafting and creating!



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