Have you ever been to a thrift store or garage sale and found a piece that had a nice shape but a hideous color?  I see pieces like that all the time when I’m bargain hunting.  If the price is right, bring it home and make it right with paint and some stenciling.  It’s easier than you think!
As a Goodwill San Antonio blogger, I spend a lot of time scouring the local Goodwill stores for items to craft with and decorate my home with.  On a recent visit, I found this mustard colored box.  I’m still not sure exactly what it used to be.  I could see that someone had painted over the original finish, and it was not a good paint job, but the piece was sturdy and a bargain for $3.99, so I took it home.


  • Thrifted Wood Box
  • Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Treasure
  • Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Pink
  • Stencil

Step one:  Dust the item, and begin painting.  Yes, it’s that easy with chalk paint!  No sanding or priming needed.  I used two coats of paint to get an even finish.

Step two:  Once the paint has dried, place the stencil on the piece.  Use a foam pouncer to add paint to the design.  Get a small amount of paint on the pouncer, dab the excess off on a piece of paper, then dab the stencil design.  Repeat until you’ve completed the design.

Step three:  Once the paint is dry, seal the project.  I like to apply wax to finish it, or you can use spray on sealants if you prefer.

Now I have a pretty new piece of storage that matches my craft room!  The ugly yellow box I picked up for $4 looks like new now.  Keep your eyes peeled when you’re thrifting…you never know what you’ll find that can be transformed with a little paint!

Disclosure:  I wrote this as a blogger for Goodwill San Antonio, but all ideas and opinions are my own.


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