I’ve been doing a few crafty trials with collage clay to see how it can be used.  Here’s a fun idea that worked out:  an icing like monogram!

In a recent post, I talked about decoden and showed you how to use collage clay to make a fun storage container.  Before I made that project, I played around with Plaid’s Collage Clay to see what else I could do with it.  I love the way this monogram turned out, and my daughter really loves it!

Since this was an “experiment” there are no step by step pictures.  Sorry!


  • Wax Paper
  • Collage Clay
  • Drizze Paint
  • Mod Melts Embellishments (tutorial HERE)

Step one:  Cover your work surface with wax paper.

Step two:  Use the star shaped tip that comes with the collage clay.  Squeeze and twist the tube to make a flower shape.  Continue, making the “flowers” connect.

Step three:  Press the Mod Melt embellishment into the clay.  Let it dry.

Step four:  Add “buttons” by using the Drizzle Paint.

Once it’s completely dry, carefully peel the monogram off the wax paper.  There are lots of ways to use this!  Put them on a wall, add a magnet to the back, turn them into hair clips, add a bail to make a necklace pendant….what ideas do you have for this project?


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