I’d like to introduce you to a delightful young lady who loves creative Halloween costumes as much as (or maybe more than) I do!  This is my friend Amanda’s daughter, who I will call “Marvelous Millie”.  Not content with big box store costumes, each year she comes up with something more creative and “WHAT?” inspiring than the year before.  I LOVE her creativity and ingenuity in designing her costumes.  I can honestly say that I have never, ever seen a vampire snail costume in my life.  And that I wish I’d thought of that first.  
I wanted to peek into Marvelous Millie’s mind and learn how she dreamed up her incredible costumes.  She was kind enough to write a wonderful response to all my questions.  Without further ado, here is Millie in her own words:

What do you think about Halloween?

Halloween rocks! You can eat as much candy as you want until you feel like you’re about to throw up! I love that when you see people you know they have been transformed into strange things. Last year my friend Cole had made a homemade Three Musketeers costume, and I was a bloody ax. I have to admit I was thinking of an ax chopping up a candy bar…I wonder what he was thinking.

How do you come up with your ideas? 

 Sometimes I just think about something that’s normal and something that’s creepy and put them together. Other times I make something that really happened into a horrifying costume.

 What’s your favorite so far?

 My favorite costume is probably Lizzie Borden’s bloody ax, that or my vampire snail costume. I like that it’s not just a snail and not just a vampire–it’s a vampire snail! And with Lizzie Borden’s ax I like that I’m not just holding the ax, I’m the object.

How do you make your costumes?

Homemade is always best because it can spark creativity, unlike store-bought things because store-bought things are not you. Sometimes we use a store-bought thing, like with the Headless Horseman, but then we changed it into our own costume. And when I wanted to be a haunted house–who is going to find a haunted house costume at a store? Sometimes we use everyday objects and change them into something creepy. One time we used casting plaster, homemade play dough, and a bowl, and we turned that into a bloody snail shell!

What inspires you?

 I don’t like to do pretty costumes like princesses because that’s not what Halloween’s about. It’s about freaking people out! So I like to take ideas that are just okay, like a vampire or a small, and turn it into a creepy, bloody horror mess.

What are you going to be this year?

 I am going to be Madame la Guillotine. At first we were thinking I would be a zombie unicorn or Cloacina, who was a real Roman sewer goddess, but we decided on Madame la Guillotine because it would be hilarious but at the same time extremely creepy. The guillotine basket is going to hold my candy and my head will look like it’s about to be about to be chopped off by the guillotine.

Happy Halloween!


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