I’m crazy about typography and word art! Unfinished wood letters are the perfect base for creating a lot of different projects.  In this craft, I used 6 inch letters to create word art that would be perfect for a mantle or as a centerpiece.  I chose the word “thankful” for Thanksgiving.



DIY Word Art Tutorial at Crafts Unleashed

Step one:  Paint the letters and the wood board.

Step two:  Trace the letters onto the paper and cut out.  The paper will be slightly larger than the front of the letter.

Step three:  Apply Mod Podge to the front of the wood letter, and press the paper on.  Allow it to dry.


Step four:  Trim the excess paper off the wood letter, and sand the edges.   Seal with  Mod Podge.

Step five:  Use the wood glue to stick the letters to each other and to the board.  (Tip:  to speed thee process, use a dab of hot glue to hold the letters in place while the wood glue dries.)

DIY Thankful sign

I’m really excited about the way my word art turned out.  It’s a great piece not just for Thanksgiving, but year round.  I didn’t use traditional fall colors, opting to match my living room color scheme, instead.  That’s the beauty if doing it yourself: you’re not limited to what’s on the store shelf, you can make whatever you imagine!

This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, where I am part of the Design Team.


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