These sweet, simple angel ornaments are great for a group activity or to make in bulk.  I used the Bow It All 2.0 to quickly and easily make perfect bows, and I’m giving one away so you can easily make bows, too!

The Bow It All 2.0 is a nifty gadget that acts as another set of hands.  It will be available at Blitsy‘s Black Friday sale, but you can also enter for the chance to win one here!

I used the helping hands pegs in the back to hold the silver cord that the ornament will hang from.  I set up my pegs to make a 2.5 inch bow.

Wrap the lace around the pegs in a figure 8 to make your bow.  I made a double bow.

Tie off the bow.  It’s easy to make a perfect bow every time!  Cut off the excess lace.

Here is my finished bow, with the hanging cord already attached since I made it all together.  I painted a simple peg doll to attach the bow to.

I think this sweet, primitive angel ornament would make a great present tag, too.
Ready to enter to win your own Bow It All 2.0?
I’m participating in a blog hop with the other members of the Blitsy Design Team.
Simply leave a comment here on my blog as an entry,
then visit the other blogs in the hop and leave comments there for more entries.
Good luck!


  1. Clever idea! Love those little peg people.

    (I’m signed on the other sites as ratgirl, but for some reason this blog doesn’t have the name/url option in the “comment as” field. Huh. Anyway, I’m the same person as I am on the other blogs. ;)) Thanks for hopping!

  2. Oh…my… Love love love the lace bows. Such a beautiful way to use lace. I am going to have to push this form the wish list to MUST have. 😉
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    xo Nana

  3. I love this little bow maker – I thought I would just buy one (because I never win anything) 🙂 but I can’t find it on Blitys web site – I have looked everywhere and searched every way I can think of for the Helping hands bow maker. Can you help me out with a link please? Thank you so much in advance! Happy Thanksgiving! Carmen Skyles


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