I found this cute unfinished wood item at Goodwill in October.  I bought it, thinking that my children and I could decorate it together.

Well, they loved the idea but never wanted to actually sit down and do it when I asked.  So I gave up and decorated it myself!
Step one:  Paint the pieces as desired.  I painted the clothing and cap red, the gloves black, and the blocks white.
Step two:  Place the number stickers on the blocks.
Step three:  Embellish with Glamour Dust paint.  I used red on the sides and crystal on the blocks.
Step four:  Use Vanilla Collage Clay to embellish the hat and beard.  I used the star tip that comes in the package.  I made stars (or are they flowers?) on the hat, and then made lines to first fill in each side of the mustache, then the beard.
Step five:  Glue buttons on for the eyes.
I think the Collage Clay adds a really fun 3-D aspect to the piece.  My kids were thrilled with the final product, and they enjoy changing the numbers each day.  Maybe next time I ask them to craft with me they’ll be more willing to participate!


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