The fun thing about making my own jewelry and accessories is that I get to update my wardrobe without buying new clothes.  A new accessory seems to bring new life to an old outfit.
(This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where you can find me every Tuesday!)


  • Jewelry Wire
  • Glitter
  • Dimensional Magic
  • Packaging Tape


Step one:  Keep the wire on the spool and coil the wire to make a ring to hang the pendant from.

Step two:  Wrap the wire around a round object, like a dowel rod.  Make 5-8 loops.

Step three:  Leave a 12 inch “tail” and cut the wire.   Use the excess wire to wrap the circle.  When you complete the circle, cut off the excess wire and tuck in the end.

Step four:  Press the wire firmly onto a piece of masking tape, and fill it with a very small amount of Dimensional Magic.  Some of it may seep through the bottom, which we will trim this off later.  Set aside to dry.

Step five:  Mix Dimensional Magic and glitter.  Fill your wire wrapped bezel with the glitter mixture.

When it is dry, peel the packaging tape off the back carefully.  Trim any excess off, and rock your new pendant!

My daughter and I had fun making lots of different shapes and items.  Since she is too young to use the wire, I let her fill jewelry blanks with the DM/glitter mixture to make sparkly jewelry.

Once you get the hang of wrapping wire, you can make lots of different shapes.  I think it would be cute to make one in the shape of your home state or country.  This is a fun, quick craft if you use Dimensional Magic, and it’s safe to make with kids.  Enjoy!


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