I find old country style wood items at Goodwill San Antonio all the time!  Remember when I restyled this old shelf? These items always sell for cheap, and I’m not sure why people pass them up.  They’re solid wood and sturdy, and with a little chalk paint you can make them look modern again.


Step one:  Wipe the chair clean and remove dust.  Paint with two applications of Chalky Finish paint.
Step two:  Cut the Project Foam to fit the seat pad.  Since my chair had cut outs, I also traced and cut out heart shapes.
Step three:  Cut the fabric to fit the foam, and sew the edges.  To save time with the cushion, I simply wrapped it like a present and stitched the ends down.
Add the cushions to the rocking chair.  You could glue them in place, but since my daughter will be playing with this I left them removable so she could take them off if she likes.  She loves to rock her little stuffed animals in their chair!
Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, but all ideas and opinions are my own.  Affiliate links are in the post.


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