Burlap is still popular in home decor…yay!  I saw these adorable customized monogram prints at Pottery Barn Kids, and decided to make my own version.  I recycled an old wooden frame and repurposed a burlap bag to create an inexpensive version of a high end product.  Here’s how:



  • Burlap
  • Frame
  • Stencil
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Hot glue gun
Step one:  Place the frame on the burlap and trace the inside of the frame with white chalk.  This will help you keep your project centered.
Step two:  Use the stencils and paint to add the monogram and phrase to the burlap.  To avoid paint “bleeding” under the stencil, use a foam roller or pouncer to blot paint onto the surface.  Do several light applications until the color is the way you want it.
Step three:  once the paint has dried, add the burlap the the frame.  I used a hot glue gun to adhere two sides, then I folded the corners like a present before gluing the remaning sides down.
Step four:  I added the white border last because I wanted to make sure it was centered.  I used washi tape to mark where the line was to go, then painted the burlap with the white paint.
This custom wall art would look great with a photo wall collage.  It would also make a great anniversary gift, or even a cute customized gift for a new baby.  Have fun crafting and creating!


  1. Hi Morena!!

    HOLY WOW!!! I got two of your ATCs in the Mark Moreno swap and they are AWESOME! I got “My Mother Dresses Me” and “Selfie” and the latter might be my favorite thing I have ever, ever gotten in the mail.

    And now I read your blog and see…is it true? DO YOU ALSO LIVE IN SAN ANTONIO? I LIVE IN SAN ANTONIO!

    Okay I’m all right. Breathing. 🙂

    Your blog is…well, it’s phenomenal. You are so creative and fun! I would love to get together and have an afternoon of craft with you sometime!!

    • Eeeek! You have absolutely made my day!! I would love to meet up. I received one of your ATCs and I LOVE it!! The hand embroidering is gorgeous and so unexpected on a card. You have to teach me how! E-mail me!


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