I have been slowly putting together a “fantastical” garden area inspired by the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland.  My garden is made up of tea pot and tea cup creations, and I’m also filling it with whimsical DIY garden art.  I recently taught you how to turn a whisk into a dragonfly.  That project prompted me to start collecting any and all whisks I could find at Goodwill San Antonio (my sponsor for this post.)  Here’s my second whisk creation:  a butterfly!


My daughter liked my dragonfly so much that she wanted to make some.  I went to Goodwill San Antonio and bought all the whisks they had.  Since I had a nice collection, I wanted to make some other winged critters to go with my dragonfly, and that’s how the idea for this fun, whimsical butterfly came about.
Turn a whisk into garden decor...shaped like a butterfly!


  • Whisk
  • Spray Paint
  • Large bead

Step one:  Bend the loops of the whisk to form the butterfly wings.  Start by creating the bottom two, shaping the wire with your hands to the desired form.  Then make the top two wings.

Step two:  Cut the remaining loop in half with wire cutters, and use pliers to loop them into antennae.

Step three:  Spray paint the butterfly.


Step four:   Thread a piece of wire through a bead and loop the wire around the two antennae.  The bead is now the butterfly’s head, and the excess wire can be made into a loop that you use to hang the butterfly.

I plan to make several colorful butterflies like this one and hang them from trees.  I think they will be a fun, unexpected addition to my garden.  Have fun crafting and creating whatever your imagination dreams up.



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