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One of the things I missed most when I left San Antonio was FIESTA.  Now that I’m back I’m hitting all my old favorite Fiesta events and trying out new ones, like Throwback Fiesta, where I hosted a fun crafting booth.  The fun vibe and exuberant energy of Fiesta hasn’t changed, but some things have improved, like access to ER care, thanks to a new app from my sponsor Methodist Healthcare.

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My first Fiesta event this year was Throwback Fiesta, sponsored by the San Antonio Parks Foundation.  I partnered with them to host a free t-shirt styling workshop.  We had great weather to play in, and the crowd was wonderful.  I met a lot of fun people as I taught them how to cut t-shirts in a fashionable way.  While everything went well, I was prepared for emergencies by installing the Methodist ER app on my mobile device.  This helpful app not only tells you which ER is closest to you, it even lets you know the approximate wait time!  If you’ve ever spent hours in the ER you’ll understand how useful that feature is.


I feel so much more at ease with this app in my “mom arsenal”.  Since becoming a parent I have had TWO instances where one of my kids needed an ER and I did not know where to take them.  The first time we had just moved to Fort Worth.  I’d barely finished unpacking our household when my oldest was injured while playing.  I hadn’t had a chance to even look up where the closest ER was, and this was in the dark ages before mobile devices.  Calling the operator while your child screams in pain is NOT FUN.  The second time I really could have used an app like the Methodist ER app was when we were moving and stopped in a hotel in Tennessee.  As we were about to check out, my second son tripped and split his head on a coffee table.  Can you picture me at the lobby front desk with a screaming, bleeding kid, trying to get directions to the closest ER?  Again, not a pleasant experience at all, and made much worse by the feeling of helplessness there is when you don’t know where to go for help.

That feeling of helplessness is gone with the Methodist ER app.  I took all four of my kids to Throwback Fiesta, and if anything would have happened, I would have had my app ready to locate and direct us to the nearest emergency room.  You’ll love the peace of mind you get with this app.

Methodist Healthcare is also sharing several very useful tips for partying safely at Fiesta.  Here’s their advice:

Stay hydrated. Drink water continuously even if you don’t feel thirsty. Remember that alcohol and caffeine dehydrate the body.

Dress for the heat.   For many of us, Fiesta® activities will be the first time we are out in the heat of the day. Choose lightweight, loose-fitting clothes in light colors. Wearing a hat helps, too.

Feast on Fiesta® foods with care.   Fiesta® is a great time to sample new foods. If you are unaccustomed to eating spicy foods, choose your Fiesta® foods with care. Also, be mindful of food allergies.

Show us your shoes.   This popular Fiesta® greeting reminds everyone that the right shoes are important for walking long distances over terrain that can be rocky and uneven or the hot asphalt of the streets. Don’t let a sprain or fall end your fun.

Bring your sunscreen. Re-apply frequently to avoid your first sunburn of the season.

Remember bugs and plants. Many Fiesta® activities are in beautiful outdoor settings with flowering plants and trees. Take action quickly if you are allergic to bee or wasp bites. Also watch for fire ants.   Spring allergy season usually is in full bloom for Fiesta®, so if a severe allergic reaction occurs, seek help.

Listen to your body. If you start experiencing headache, muscle spasm, nausea, fatigue, dizziness or fever, seek help quickly.


On top of the FREE app and FREE great advice, Methodist Healthcare is also giving away FREE stuff!  Click on this link to enter for a chance to win free commemorative Fiesta t-shirts.  Have fun at Fiesta, and party safely with the Methodist ER app.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.


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