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Make a family game night job board.

One of the traditions I’m glad we started was family game night.  We huddle around a game board and laugh and have fun together as we play games, eat snacks, and enjoy a simple activity as a family.  To make game night run a bit more smoothly (because there WILL be fights about who goes first, which game to play, etc.) I made a “job board” to keep bickering to a minimum and find a fair way to make sure everyone gets a turn to participate.  This game night job board is super simple to make, and it pairs perfectly with the ease and simplicity of serving TONY’S® Pizza.  Make it a no fuss, game night to remember with Tony’s Pizza and a family game night job board.


  • Unfinished wood plaque (5 x 7)
  • Metal sheet (4 x 6)
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Chalkboard Vinyl
  • Craft Paint
  • Magnets
  • Game Pieces or crafting embellishments

Step one:  Paint the wood plaque.  Once it has dried, Mod Podge scrapbook paper to the front.

Step two:  Cover the metal sheet with chalkboard vinyl and glue the sheet to the front of the wood plaque.

Step three:  Glue magnets to the backs of old game pieces and craft embellishments.  I used the first letter of each member of my family’s names.  I used tiles from old games mixed with other items I had in my craft stash.

I chose to add a metal handle to my game night job board so I could hang it on the wall.  All that’s left to do is choose the roles you will be assigning, and write them on the vinyl in chalk or with a chalk pen.  The reason I went with chalk is so that I can change the jobs as needed, add more roles if we have guests, or eliminate jobs if someone is not home on game night.  The chalkboard vinyl makes the board a bit more versatile.  The jobs I went with are:

Gamer:  gets to choose which game we are playing.

Timer:  if the game has a timer, this person is in charge.  This person also gets to make sure that no one takes too long on their turn and that the game doesn’t drag on too long (I’m looking at you, Monopoly!)

Ref:  enforces the game rules and resolves disputes between players.

Banker:  this person handles the money if the game has it, otherwise this person gets to hand out cards, tokens, or whatever else the game uses.

Starter:  this player gets to go first!

Snacks:  This person gets to choose what snacks will be devoured during game night.

I got to be the snack person for our latest game night, and I chose Tony’s Pizza.  I grabbed two boxes at my local Walmart, and at $2.57 per box the price can’t be beat!  Well, actually the price IS lower right now when you use this special coupon.  You can save $.75 off any two Tony’s Pizza at Walmart, while supplies last. (Coupon valid till 6/30/15).  Tony’s pizzeria style pizza, now 30% bigger, is made with real cheese and is the right size and price for feeding a hungry crew like mine.

They scarfed down both pizzas while we had fun playing a card game during our recent game night.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain and have been cooped up inside, so taking a break with pizza and a game was a welcome distraction from the gloomy weather.  My kids love Tony’s Pizza, and I am betting that the next person who gets to choose snacks is going to pick Tony’s Pizza again.  Which is fine by me!




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