I’ve lived in my current house for 4 years, and have barely made a dent in my to-do list.  I’m thrilled to check one item off my list:  the bench in my mud room now has a cushion!  The room looks so much brighter and inviting now, don’t you think?  I used Project Foam and Cuddle Fabric to quickly and easily complete this fairly quick DIY.

While this is “just” a mud room, it’s the first place a lot of people see when they come into my house, because everyone seems to like to enter through my (messy) garage instead of the beautiful front door.  This area was always kind of a disaster, with kids dumping stuff all over the place.  I’m hoping that with this bench cushion and pretty magnet board that my kids will make more of an attempt to use the bins I’ve provided and keep the area neat.  They are absolutely in LOVE with this Cuddle Fabric provided by Shannon Fabrics.  They like to lay on the bench and rub their faces in this amazingly plush fabric, so I’m hoping that means they won’t pile all their junk up on it!

The other thing I love about Cuddle Fabric is that it doesn’t fray.  It’s perfect for people like me who rarely sew.  Instead of worrying about perfect seams I was able to wrap my Project Foam like a present and stitch up the edges.  The plush fabric hides the seams really well.  So for all you crafters like me who tend to shy away from fabric projects, this is an easy project to tackle…I promise!  And those of you who can and do sew can do it the “right” way.  🙂

Supplies Used:

Step one:  First I measured and cut my Project Foam so it fit my bench.  Then I measured and cut the Cuddle Fabric so it fit around the foam, with 2 inches excess on each side.

Step two:  I folded the long edge over like you would do with a present, and hand stitched it closed.

Step three:  I folded each end down, again, as you would with a present, and hand stitched them.

Step four:  I stained the lattice (I believe this is actually a fluorescent light cover, but at $4.99 I couldn’t pass up the awesome shape and design).  I used a spray on stain to speed the process, and sealed it with a gloss finishing spray.

Step five:  I cut squares of the Cuddle Fabric and stapled them in place.  I glued a metal sheet to the back of the frame to create a magnet board.

I finished up the space by covering my cork board with more cuddle fabric.  If time allows I want to make wall art and pillows to complete the room.  I love how easy it is to decorate and make sure everything coordinates perfectly by combining the Cuddle Charm packs with Cuddle fabric.  Stay tuned for more of this mud room make over in the (near?) future!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post but all ideas and opinions are my own.

mud room makeover 2


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