I hope you’ve enjoyed my three-part series of tutorials on how to make jewelry from a single box of hardware from the dollar store. (See part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE.) Once I started experimenting with the pieces, it was really fun to come up with different ways to transform the hardware into jewelry.   I hope I’ve inspired you to look at items in a different way and to find beauty in unexpected places!  That’s one of the charms of budget crafting for me:  taking something ordinary and transforming it to something special.

All the pieces I used to make the pendants I will show you here came from a single box that I found in the toy section at Dollar Tree.  I added color and chains to complete the pieces.  To check out the other two jewelry pieces I made,  find the bracelet tutorial here and the flag pendant tutorial here.  My last two pieces are simple but chic, and I turned them into necklaces.


  • Toy kit
  • Jewelry glue or super  glue
  • Chain
  • (Optional) Alcohol ink

Step one:  Choose the pieces you want to work with, and arrange them as desired.  I made a simple “v” shape for one and a second piece that was inspired by the shape of butterflies.  Use the jewelry glue to attach them together and then let the pendant dry.

Step two:  I repurposed a broken necklace to add chain to either end of the pendant.  I attached the links to the holes that were already in the hardware by using jump rings.

Step three (optional):  If you want to add color to your piece, use alcohol ink to color the metal.

Two more fun DIY jewelry pieces to rock this summer!  Head to your tool box and grab some hardware pieces.  Who knows what funky, cool fashion jewelry you’ll come up with.  Have fun crafting and creating!


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