I love to decorate fabric with stencils and paint.  Who wants a store bought shirt when you can make your own?  I used black light paint from Tulip to make extraordinary apparel that glows!


  • Clothing
  • Stencil
  • Neon Black Light Paint

Step one: Place cardboard under the fabric to protect your work surface.  For shirts, place cardboard inside the shirt.

Step two: Place the stencil over the fabric and tape it in place.

Step three: Use a foam spouncer to dab the paint over the stencil.  For a more dimensional effect, use the writing tip of the paint bottle to trace the stencil with.

Once the paint dries you’ll have a bright, neon piece of apparel.  The surprise is when you put it in black light! My kids enjoy going to glo golf and miniature tag, so that’s where we wear clothing like this.  It would be fun to make wrist bands or headbands for all your guests to wear if you have parties at a place with black light.  Craft, create, and stand out from the rest!


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