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Kids are all super heroes at one time or another, but those little ones battling severe illnesses are the biggest fighters of all. I made this Wonder Woman costume wristlet and headband set for my friend’s daughter, hoping it might perk up her hospital stay a little bit.

Hospitals are not comfortable places, no matter how hard the staff may try. Being in a strange bed with tubes and needles stuck in you is scary, even more so when you’re little. I used ultra soft Cuddle fabric to make this adjustable costume, hoping that it can be used over IV needles and lines without being itchy or uncomfortable. This gift is for sweet Charlotte, who is battling kidney failure and other complications as a result of HUS. She is still seriously ill, and if you could spare any positive thoughts or prayers for her, they would be appreciated. I had never heard of HUS before, or how prevalent it is, until this happened. I encourage you to read her story to learn how you can help her and to learn how you can reduce the chances of this happening to you:  http://www.gofundme.com/teamcharlotteavoss

Back to the tutorial: here’s how to quickly and easily make a no sew costume for any hospitalized super hero you know.

Cuddle Fabric (vibrant pack)
Mod Podge for Fabric
Fold over elastic
Star die cut

Step one: Paint the back of a square of cuddle fabric with MP Fabric and let it dry. This will softly stiffen the fabric and make it easier to die cut. This will also keep the fabric from shedding so much when you cut it. Once the fabric is dry, die cut three stars from it.


Step two: Fold a square of yellow fabric in half, and cut at the fold. Fold each strip in half to make each wrist band. Paint the wrong side of the fabric with MP and fold together to adhere.

Step three: Fold a square of yellow fabric in half, then in half again. Cut to a point in the center to create the arched headband. Paint MP on the wrong side of the fabric to adhere the halves together.

Step four: Paint MP on the backs of the stars and attach them to the head and wrist bands.

To finish the headband, sew a bit of fold over elastic to each end. For the wristlets, I glued hook and loop closure (velcro) as pictured so the size could be adjustable. Again, I made these ultra soft and adjustable so they can be used over medical equipment without being stiff or irritating. The Mod Podge keeps the fabric supple while still holding it together. A little fray check applied to the cut edges helped stop the shedding of the fabric.

I hope that Charlotte is out of her medically induced coma soon and can get back to being the super hero girl that she was before this nightmare began. And I hope this simple tutorial for Wonder Woman costume accesories will help you bring a smile to the face of another child who is struggling with medical issues. <3

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