CityScape wall art

Between Legos and the movie “Pixels”, colorful block-like decor is very popular with younger kids.  My youngest son wanted to update his Circus themed nursery with a Lego Superhero theme, so I made a fun cityscape that he could use to display his favorite mini figures on.  He loves his faux Lego bricks, and the fact that he can arrange his favorite minifigures on the buildings.  This is a quick simple project to make thanks to Foamology squares.

This post first appeared at Fairfield World’s site, where I am on the design team.

step 1

  • Project Foam Rigid Boards
  • Oly*Fun Fabric
  • Foamology Break apart squares

Step one:  Cut and arrange the rigid boards to look like a city scape.  The boards are a sturdy foam product with a super thick adhesive backing.  Keep the paper backing on the boards while you cut them.  I use a metal ruler and a craft knife to cut the boards.

step 2
Step two:  Cover the boards with colorful Oly*Fun fabric.  Place the fabric on the non-adhesive side of the board, and carefully remove the paper backing to expose the adhesive.  Wrap the fabric around the board, like you would with a present, and press the fabric into the adhesive backing.  The fabric will be held in place firmly by the adhesive.  Leave a strip of adhesive exposed.  This is how you will mount the boards to the wall.

step 3

Step three:  The soft foam squares come in one large block to use for faux quilted projects, like I did with this faux quilt wall decor.  Separate the soft foam squares by cutting them apart with scissors. Cover  each individual block with black Oly*Fun Fabric, using the same technique used in Step 2.  Use the adhesive back to attach the “windows” to the “buildings”.

pixel wall art

The cityscape can be attached to the wall with the adhesive backing that is on the foam boards.  I made this for a child’s room, but you could do it in other colors to create a more modern looking scene. Have fun crafting and creating!



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