Step three:  Stuff the socks with the filler of your choice.  I used Poly-Fil polyester filling.

Step four:  Place the socks inside the shoes, and hot glue the top of the sock under the mat.  Your witch welcome mat is now complete!

Place the mat near your door of choice and enjoy your visitor’s reaction as they have to step over the witch’s legs to walk in your door.  My kids think this mat is HILARIOUS and it makes them giggle every time they see it.   I made this project last year, and they’re already asking me when I’m going to put the funny witch mat out again.  Have fun crafting and creating for Halloween!

PS.  If you don’t want to leave the shoes in front of your door, another option is to place a metal stake inside the sock and place the “leg” in your shrubbery or plants.  Now it looks like the witch crashed into your garden.  🙂

Make a witch welcome mat to decorate your porch with for Halloween! Use thrift store and dollar store items to make this hilarious decor.



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