This project was inspired by the beautiful luminaries that spring up in downtown San Antonio during the holiday season.  Traditional luminarias are paper bags, but I have seen lots of more detailed versions on the internet, and that’s where I got this idea.  Instead of cutting paper bags, I went for something a bit sturdier:  foam core board.

These tea light covers would be pretty at a reception with initials carved on them. They’d also be great for sports themed parties, where you could carve your team’s logo into the foam. You could even try using colored tissue paper instead of the paper backing to have more color.  Keep reading to see how easy they are to make!
  • Foam Core Board (I get mine at Dollar Tree)
  • Craft Knife
  • Battery Operated Tea Light
Step one:  Use a craft knife to cut the foam core board to the desired height.  Mine is about 4 inches tall.
Step two:  Divide the board into four sections.  Use the craft knife to cut through the top layer, but be careful not to pierce the paper backing.
Step three:  Use a pencil to draw or stencil your design.

Step four:  Use the craft knife to cut on the lines. Again, do not cut through the back layer of paper.

Step five: Remove the foam from the cut out shape, leaving the paper backing intact.  When the design is complete, you can clean up the edges a bit with your craft knife.

Step six:  Fold the board to make a square, and glue the open edge together.

Place the battery operated tea light inside the candle holder.

The paper backing softens the light and emits a soft glow.  This tea light cover is so easy to make that I went further and made a larger version to create a lamp.  Here’s a peek:
It’s hard to believe that’s a $1 piece of foam core board, isn’t it?  To get all the details on that project, check out THIS tutorial.  Have fun crafting and creating unique lighting for your home!


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